‘Pokemon Go’ News: Will In-Game Messaging, Pokemon Trading, Themed-Event; Legendary Pokemon, Shiny Pokemon, Mew, Mewtwo Make It To The Game?

“Pokemon Go’s” next huge update is expected to bring more features and creatures that could entice players in getting back into the game. However, Niantic has not confirmed what’s waiting for fans in the upcoming update. Here are some of the most wanted features that players reportedly expect to see in the new “Pokemon Go” update.

A report by Mic claimed that one of the highly anticipated features in “Pokemon Go” is the trading of creatures and in-game communication.Trading Pokemon is a fresh feature that could promote friendship and bond among players from different regions. Also, isn’t it more enjoyable to be able to communicate with friends and other players in the app through in-game messaging?

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Yahoo News also detailed some interesting game additions that players expect from the next “Pokemon Go” update. Legendary Pokemon, of course, is part of the list of creatures that players want to meet in the upcoming update. Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos are among the Legendary Pokemon suggested to make it to the game soon.

Such Pokemon are said to be carried in a themed event this Spring. Though Niantic has not announced the event yet, the report claimed it may start anytime in May 2017. But another kind of Pokemon is expected to make its debut soon too.

Dubbed as Shiny Pokemon, such creatures are believed to be in 3D. They are pocket little monsters with colored skin that are different from the usual ones. The news broke when the Shiny Pokemon appeared in a former data mine but the game developer has not given a word about it yet.

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“Pokemon Go” new update is also expected to welcome Mew and Mewtwo into the game. The said characters are special because of their strong skills. That said, players are hopeful that Mew and Mewtwo will be included in the next game update.