‘Pokémon GO’ Servers Down: Niantic Resolves Issue, Still No Gen 2; What Happened Really?

After the insurmountable reports of login issues from trainers all around the world, “Pokémon GO” confirmed in a tweet that server issues were causing the popular app to stop working. Niantic has since issued an update that it’s now back up and working, albeit the lack of a detailed explanation whatsoever, and Gen 2 is still out of sight.

Yesterday saw players complaining of getting error messages that read “Unable to authenticate” popping up whenever attempting to sign in. In response, Niantic took to Twitter to confirm that “Pokémon GO” servers are indeed down, along with a promise that they are working on it and will update once resolved.

A few hours later and Niantic sent another tweet informing fans “we have resolved the issue with the servers,” said its thanks then nothing. The developers left no explanation as to why “Pokémon GO” servers stopped working.

To be fair, “Pokémon GO’s” Twitter thread isn’t amassed with a lot of “whys,” but a lot of trainers apparently thought Niantic was making an update of some sort related to Gen 2. “How about resolving that issue with no gen 2 [sic] being in the game,” one follower said. Another tweet sent out presumably by a trainer reads “Was Gen 2 added? No? Ok, bye. *logs out* [sic].”

It’s not surprising why fans would think this way, given the hype “Pokémon GO” Gen 2 is currently at, and the new generation would seem to on their way, Forbes noted. A recent patch indicated that Gen 2 is coming; but, when?

As to the malfunctioned “Pokémon GO” servers, however, it’s just a huge curtain of vagueness, at least for now. Niantic got rid of the tracking, which was how the previous server issues were partially solved but in effect, turned many players away. The feature has since been brought back, but trainers say it’s now in its much less useful form.

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The fact that Niantic raked almost $1 billion in 2016 is pretty much known to many by now, but apparently that doesn’t still quite solve the stability of “Pokémon GO’s” servers. In the meantime, trainers should just stay glued to their phones and pray for a Gen 2 update soon.