‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ 3DS Bank Update: Poke Bank Confirmed To Arrive This January With New Pokedex Features; Pros And Cons Detailed

The “Pokemon Sun and Moon” highly anticipated bank update is confirmed to arrive this January and here’s why fans should get excited about it. ( Photo by: The Official Pok√©mon Channel/YouTube Screenshot )

Pokemon Sun and Moon” is now one of the most popular Pokemon titles released for Nintendo 3DS late last year. It has already obtained a massive following similar to any other previously released Pokemon games.

Now, how does Nintendo do it? Apparently, the game publisher along with game developer Game Freak are hard at work to please its fanbase with new updates. it is confirmed recently that “Pokemon Sun and Moon” players can look forward to addition of Pokemon Bank to the game this January. This great news has arrived via the game’s official website.

The post informed gamers that this upcoming update will allow them to transfer their Pokemon from “Pokemon Sun and Moon” to the Poke Bank. Ardent players definitely know the use of the Pokemon bank for any 3DS Pokemon video games.

The Pokemon Bank serves as an important feature that lets players deposit their most loved Pokemon in an internet-based storage boxes, even if they happen to lose the copy of the game in any case. At the moment, only games like “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire”, “Pokemon X and Y” are compatible with this service but will become available soon for “Pokemon Sun and Moon”.

However, players must take note of an important reminder before they make any transfer of their Pokemon to the Poke Bank. Once they transfer their Pokemon form other Pokemon games to “Pokemon Sun and Moon”, they will no longer be able to transfer them back to their original games.

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“It is very important to know this as players may be surprised later on that they cannot return the Pokemon back to the original games,” the post reads. Other than that, gamers cannot, in the same way, transfer Pokemon to other games either.

Moreover, upon receiving the support of Pokemon Bank, the game will also have a new Pokedex feature. It will recognize saved data from various video games connected with it and gather info about Pokemon caught by gamers. They can check details about Pokemon that are not found in the Alola region of “Pokemon Sun and Moon”.