Reddit bans alt-right subreddit and its reasons for the same will surprise you

Subreddits do not usually get banned on a daily basis on online community Reddit unless there is something that interferes with the site’s policies.

Cnet reported that a subreddit called altright was banned from Reddit but the reasons for the same will surprise you.

The ‘altright’ is a subreddit — a smaller community for discussions — and is a fringe conservative movement with links to white supremacy. In fact, the community moderator who goes by the name of ‘LetThereBeWhite’ has proclaimed outright that the subreddit is a racial movement and it consist of nationalists, racial realists and fascists.

So on what grounds did Reddit ban the subreddit? It’s not what you think. Head to the page, and you will see a message stating the following:

“This subreddit was banned due to a violation of our content policy, specifically, the proliferation of personal and confidential information.”

In short, it was not the hate speech or harassment threats that attracted reddit’s attention to the forum, but the fact that personal information was being shared by means of ‘doxxing’ with the intent to harass potential targets. ‘Doxxing’ is the practice of collecting and publishing private information of an individual.

Reddit commented on the same stating that it was very clear that the site policies do not allow for posting of personal information. Doing the same can get users and communities banned if they refuse to comply.

After /r/altright, another similar subreddit called /r/alternativeright was also taken down but this time Reddit did not give an explanation for the takedown.

Reddit’s content policy makes things clear as to what the rules are. According to the same, content is prohibited if it is illegal, involuntary pornography, encourages or incites violence, threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so, if personal and confidential information (contact details such as names, email IDs etc) is revealed or if it impersonates someone (in a misleading or deceptive manner or if it is spam.

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