‘Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion’ Plus Two ‘Unidentified’ Games To Be Released By Feral Interactive

Mobile strategy gamers were pleasantly surprised when “Rome: Total War,” Creative Assembly’s classic strategy title, finally made its way to iPads with Feral Interactive’s launch of the title’s iOS version last November 2016. However, Feral Interactive is not stopping there with the recent announcement of another “Rome: Total War” game that will be coming by March as well as other yet unnamed titles that the developer is teasing.

Despite the relatively recent introduction of the strategy title into the iOS mobile platform, Feral Interactive is now announcing of an upcoming expansion pack. “Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion” will be coming to iPads by March this year, Touch Arcade reported.

“Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion” is the first expansion pack of the original PC game. Released in 2005, “Barbarian Invasion” lets gamers control barbarian nations in the Middle East and Europe during the decline of the Roman Empire. Campaigns start at the year 363 AD until 476 AD where gamers can strategize their way to the top playing the various factions such as Huns, Goths, Vandals, Saxons, Sarmatians, Sassanids, Franks, Eastern and Western Roman Empire.

Feral Interactive will be launching the “Rome: Total War – Barbarian Expansion” as a standalone app independent of the “Rome: Total War” app launched last November.  It follows the steps of the original PC launch where it was also released as a completely standalone game.

Meanwhile, it appears that the developer has something else up its sleeve. In Feral Interactive’s upcoming games page, the developer hints of new games still being developed.


Unfortunately, Feral Interactive has not released something concrete yet at the moment. But the page did tease about some “Unidentified Feral Objects” with four objects seen on the radar.

Two of these objects can be seen on the “Soon” zone, which are mysteriously labeled as “TQ 574646” and “Airstream.” On the other hand, two objects are seen further in the “Quite Soon” zone and labeled as “Spacious Skies” and “Lullabies to Paralyze.”

It is still a mystery what type of games the “TQ 574646” and “Airstream” could be. Be sure to follow MobilenApps for the latest mobile gaming updates.