The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was an absolute disaster. Sure, the phone itself was beautiful, but after the exploding battery issues that plagued the device, followed by a rocky recall process that was followed by an additional troublesome recall process, it makes sense Samsung would want to forget about the Galaxy Note line altogether.

New rumors, however, suggest the company is not getting rid of one of its most popular smartphone lineups that easily. In fact, we could see a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before the end of 2017. It’s important to note that it’s possible that the Galaxy Note line will indeed be killed off. Until that news is officially confirmed, though, there are likely to be rumors aplenty about a Galaxy Note 8.

But what will the supposed Samsung Galaxy Note 8 bring? Here’s everything we know about the potential device so far.

 A voice assistant named Bixby

We’ve been hearing rumors about Bixby for quite some time now, and most recently we heard that the new digital assistant would likely be implemented into the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, it looks like the Note 8 will get the same treatment. Bixby is said to be a male voice assistant, and while we don’t know too much about him just yet, we’ll likely hear more when the Galaxy S8 is launched in the next few months.

The news comes from a report from Business Korea, which highlights that the Galaxy Note 8 is in fact in the works despite the disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7.


Not only will Bixby be included with the Galaxy Note 8, but the display could be getting a massive boost. In fact, according to reports the display will have 4K resolution. Some might see that as overkill, but the point of it isn’t for normal use — it’s for VR, in which the phone is placed right in front of your eyes, making it much easier to see the pixels in the display. Using a 4K display will help make VR much more realistic.

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Not much else is known about the Galaxy Note 8 yet, but we’ll update this post as we find out more.