Samsung Galaxy S8 case hints that it could include the S Pen and something special

Missing your good old Note 7 now that Samsung simply grabbed it out of your hands? Well, Samsung could be looking to include parts of it in its upcoming flagship the Galaxy S8. A case coming from an unknown case maker shows a large gap at the bottom end, hinting that the Galaxy S8 may have some added space for an S-Pen after all.

First reported by SlashGear, the news does come with plenty of open ends. We aren’t implying that case maker is spot on when it comes to design and feature predictions, but the case is out to there’s plenty of room for some speculation here. We do however suggest that you take the following with a pinch of salt.

The case in question is a silicon case and does come with some odd openings indeed. One of the openings is at the bottom end on the right, hinting at presence of an S-pen, because it is simply too large to host a 3.5mm headphone jack port.

The publication hints that we could be looking at the case for a Plus model of the Galaxy S8, one that packs in some of the features of the now dead Samsung Note 7 smartphone, but for professionals.

The iconic stylus aside, there seems to be no opening for a USB-C port which could hint at two things. One a wireless charging feature as a default (Courage! Samsung) and the Dex feature that many have recently reported.

he Dex feature is supposed to offer a Windows Continuum like experience, that will let the user connect the phone to a display and use a mouse a keyboard emulating a desktop experience.

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In Samsung’s case this could be a tablet experience and keeping Android Nougat freeform windows feature in mind, it certainly seems like a possibility thanks to the dual thermal pipe tech that the device is expected to pack in.

You can have a look at the full video by MobileFun below.