Samsung investigation has revealed the cause of Galaxy Note 7 explosions

South Korea-based smartphone giant, Samsung, has zeroed down on the cause of the Note 7 explosions that sent their reputation tumbling last year. According to a report from Reuters, the main culprit of the explosion and fires was the smartphone battery as detailed in the investigation report. The company has already submitted the report to different regulatory bodies across the globe in addition to Samsung board and investors. Samsung is expected to reveal detailed account of the problem on 23 January.

Earlier, the company had promised to reveal the cause of Galaxy Note 7 before the end of December last year. Later the reports pointed out the investigation is concluded, and it will release the report to the public once the investigation is completed with regulators. There are no additional details on the cause of the explosions and fires, and this information is nothing unexpected. An independent inquiry hinted at the reason for the explosions to be the gap between the smartphone body and the battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was in the limelight last year after multiple reports of fires and explosions caused by the smartphone hit the internet. Samsung recalled the devices and launched new ‘safe’ Galaxy Note 7 devices which, unfortunately, had the same issue. This prompted the company to announced a total recall of the devices and sent ‘fire-proof’ boxes.

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