Siri-Like Alternative Apps For Your iOS Devices

Are you looking for an alternative app for your Siri? Look no further, because here are the best AI personal assistant apps for your iOS devices, according to Slash Gear.


With this app, you can perform tasks that you would normally do with Siri, like have random questions answered. This app even has a built-in browser. Therefore, web links can be viewed directly within it. This app was developed by True Knowledge, which claims that Evi contains a database with nearly a billion facts to provide you information when necessary.

Voice Assistan

This app supports 30 languages and focuses on speech-to-text that automatically corrects your grammar and other issues to produce clean text. It can also send text messages, post your status on Facebook and even sent tweets to your Twitter account.


This is one of the most popular personal assistants on iOS. It is used for managing personal accounts, taking notes, receiving reminders and viewing calendar events, among other things. It also offers support to a number of calendars, including those from Google, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, Yahoo and Apple.

Pocket Expense

This app is a little different from the ones mentioned above as it focuses on your financial accounts. The app is portrayed as a full financial application that covers all the financial bases you want, such as creating and managing budgets, viewing the status of those budgets using charts, viewing statistics on your finances and more.

Overall, Siri can do a lot of tasks for you, but if you’re looking for just an alternative, Evi and Voice Assistant is for you. If you’re after a more specific feature, like for your finances, then you should definitely try Pocket Expense.

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What do you think of these Siri-like alternative apps for iOS devices? Write and share your comments below.