Slovakia could soon get Hyperloop transport system

Recently Hyperloop One announced that it will be holding special events in New Delhi, London and Washington to finalise the teams that will be working on making ‘transport of the future’ come alive.

The latest news comes from Slovakia, where Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has signed an agreement with the Czech city of Brno to examine the possibility of making a hyperloop line to Bratislava, Slovakia. This is the same company that had sent out a proposal to the transport ministry in India last month.

“The world is ready to embrace the hyperloop,” says CEO Dirk Ahlborn. While it seems like a confident statement, HTT is still a small unit. Running on just about 30-35 full-time employees, most of the company’s development work is done by over 800 engineers that have primary jobs SpaceX, NASA, and Boeing. They contribute in suggesting ideas for the super fast transportation in exchange for stock options.

HTT has also partnering with companies like Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, which worked on the large hadron collider at CERN, getting engineering design firm Aecom, infrastructure powerhouse Atkins, and composites supplier Carbures. It has also licensed passive magnetic levitation technology from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

According to Ahlborn, the company has solved all technical problems. They claims to have the technology to make the pods levitate, maintain air pressure within the tubes, achieve super-fast speeds as well as make the pods stop.   While the company doesn’t have a working model, Ahlborn says it will have a prototype system under construction in California or Slovakia by the end of 2017.