Sonic Mania Confirmed For Nintendo Switch; Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay And Everything You Need To Know

“Sonic Mania” is heading to the Nintendo Switch alongside a growing list of titles that have been silently announced for the console after the press conference ended.

Though there was no word about “Sonic Mania” at that moment, it was concisely spotted towards the end of the presentation with the other games. Unfortunately, its release date wasn’t even mentioned on the tweet. It was rather mentioned in the trailer which said spring of 2017.

“Sonic Mania” is being developed in a Genesis-era style of the Sonic the Hedgehog games and will play at 60 FPS which will also feature pixel-perfect physics. Players will be able to choose between Sonic, Knuckles or Tails.

Each of them has their own special moves to defeat Dr. Eggman wherein Sonic gets a new drop dash, Knuckles can climb and Tails can fly. Moreover, players should be using all of the heroes’ abilities to unveil secrets and hidden paths.

According to Screen Rant, Nintendo lays out what the updated Sonic is all about in its announcement trailer of “Sonic Mania”. It lets gamers return to the old-school experience of 2D gaming while adding new and exciting wrinkles.

The trailer teases the new elements such as new zones and new graphics while certainly retaining all the familiar elements that will appeal to retro gamers, whether they are older folks who played the games back in the day or younger folks who just love the old games.

“Sonic Mania” was originally announced back in July of 2016, during SEGA’s party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of franchise. Since another Sonic game had already been verified for the Switch when it was still the NX, this announcement is rather not a surprise at all. It was only known as Project Sonic 2017 which hasn’t received any other updates since then.

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Apparently, it is still uncertain whether Wii U will be welcoming “Sonic Mania”, or if it will just remain as a Switch exclusive. The Nintendo Switch will be available for purchase on March 3 priced at $299.