Telegram messenger v.3.16 adds unsend message feature and gboard support

Telegram v.3.16 has landed with a bunch of new features. Users can now unsend messages within 48 hours of sending them. The feature is apparently a countermeasure against Friday nights. The delete option appears on a long press, and then the message disappears from everyone’s clients. The feature works for groups as well as personal messages.

The application has been updated to monitor network usage. There is a breakdown of network usage over Wi-Fi, over cellular networks, and while roaming. There is also a breakdown of bytes sent and bytes received. The data logging is persistent till it is reset. The functionality of links have been simplified with a new url, starting with The links can be used to share usernames, channels, groups and stickers.

There is another round of upgrades just for Android users. Android users form a vocal 85 percent of the Telegram user base, and were repeatedly claiming that the instant messaging client has features more tuned towards iOS users. In the previous two updates, Telegram has been dropping a number of features specifically meant for Android users. The 3.15 update added the ability to freely rotate images, picture in picture mode and the ability to forward content from open chats to secret chats. The 3.14 update had performance enhancements for Android devices.

Messages from a single sender are now neatly grouped together on Android. The app remembers the scroll position, so you can start of where you left off in case there is an influx of thousands of new messages. The sharing screen now has a list of recently downloaded files, for easier resharing. There is now support for gboard, which now allows Android users to send contextual gif animations, or off topic gif animations, according to individual tastes.

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Those who have Android 7.1 installed now have a fast action menu with frequent chats sitting on the homescreen. There are three new emoji, a cowboy, a clown and a sick face.

The update is live now, and for those who have not yet tried the app, Telegram is the IM client that is currently our favorite, give it a spin by downloading it from the Play Store.