The Division1.6 Update Might Introduce ‘Hunger Games’ Mode, New Cities And Characters; Microtransactions Likely Added

Dataminers strike yet again on Tom Clancy’s “The Division,” trying to gather as many clues as possible regarding the promised 1.6 patch update. A lot of information remains unconfirmed at this point, with no official statement from Ubisoft to give it a hundred-percent guarantee.

However, a recent survey for “The Division” players has given dataminers at least a dozen new insights. The questions alone are already teasing at possible new modes and unlockable areas.

Last Man Standing. While a lot of the questions in the survey-which you can find here-were focused on player profile and preference, some definitely stood out. One question in particular is; “How interested would you be in a ‘Last Man Standing’ mode for Survival? (i.e. Battle Royale, Hunger Games…Only one player can win and remain alive at the end of the game).”

This may not give players much by way of confirmation but iDigitalTimes points out that this is an official survey released by Ubisoft and obviously meant to be analyzed. Ergo, the hypothetical nature of the questions could very well give solid credence to the speculations for “The Division” 1.6 updates.

New Cities And Characters. Another question asked players where they wanted “The Division” to bring them to in the future. Options were a new city, a continued story in New York, a new city at the same point in the timeline or a new city with a totally separate narrative.

Players may make of that what they will, but this question ties in nicely with some datamined info that mentions a possibly new locale called “Camp Clinton” in De Witt Clinton Park. Central Park is also mentioned in the extracted subtitles as well as a potential new ally that answers to Kekich. Again, as far as datamining goes, the information should be taken with a grain of salt.

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Regardless of confirmation versus speculation, this 1.6 patch ranks right up there as one of the more highly-anticipated updates this season. Tom Clancy’s “The Division” is available now on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.