The Latest Pokémon Go Update: Improved GPS Tracking And Better Apple Watch Functionality

The latest Pokemon Go update has finally arrived after a long hiatus. The end of 2016 has been the most happening month for Niantic. The company launched Generation 2 Pokémon and announced a series of holiday events and offers in November and December 2016.

But over past few months, there has been very little activity. The company, in fact, added only the 5,000 PokéStops at the US Starbucks locations, which is a very minimal activity compared to the company’s active presence in the last two months.

Niantic Announces The Latest Pokémon Go Update

However, the company broke silence on Tuesday by revealing the first Pokémon Go update for the year. Niantic announced that it would roll out the Android version 0.53.1 and iOS version 1.23.1 updates of the Pokémon Go game on Tuesday. As reported by BGR, the release notes for the upcoming update say that the iOS version will display the Eggs taken from the PokéStops in the Apple Watch. The latest Pokemon GO update also comes with modified distance tracking features for improved GPS tracking. Also, Niantic has done some minor text fixes in the latest update.

The Apple Watch App Improvements

The major complaint that the company has been receiving since the launch of the Apple Watch app in 2016 has been that the app allows only for limited functionality. Though displaying eggs from PokéStops is not a significant improvement, it indeed shows that Niantic is taking steps to make the Pokémon Go Apple Watch app more usable. Also, the improved GPS tracking allows for more consistent distance tracking and accurate placement of the Pokémon, which the players have been waiting to have for a long time, as reported by Forbes.

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Also according to the latest discovery by the Silph road group on the game’s code, the Pokemon Go update will add more than 35 new moves, evolution items, and Unown forms. Niantic is bringing more promising updates for Pokémon Go fans in 2017 as well.