‘Titanfall 2’ Multiplayer Mode ‘Live Fire’, to Give Teams Only One Minute to Finish!

Titanfall 2′ will finally be released and it comes with their newest multiplayer mode, “Live Fire.” The new multiplayer mode gives everyone extreme challenge as the time-bound version takes the entire game to a whole new level of pressure, thrill and excitement. The new multiplayer mode will come with a lot of fresh additions but Respawn described the said multiplayer game as a 6v6 pilot only mode, with lightning fast adventure and special emphasis on close-quarter battles.

The premise of the new “Titanfall 2” version, “Live Fire” is to eliminate all enemy pilots to win the round – the gist is to take them all down in one minute. Aside from that, a team can win if they are able to take hold of a neutral flag at the time when the timer had already ran out. The said multiplayer mode is a best-of-five game so the team needs to get three wins first.

In the new update, two new maps with be available in “Titanfall 2” – “Stacks” and “Meadow.” The said maps are described to us as “tight, enclosed boxes o death” which are only available for the multiplayer mode, “Live Fire.” Also, the same update will include a new map for the Coliseum mode. It will be called “Columns” and will have a new pilot execution animation. Add to that, new Commander introductions for every sector will be included in the pack.

Similar to previous DLC versions, the new content is free and a lot of other details will be included in a specific release date to be announced by the developers soon. Aside from that, Respawn announced that they are currently working on a significant update to the interface of the multiplayer playlist stating that their objective is to enable players to establish their own mixtapes and pick the modes they are suited for.

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Meanwhile, “Titanfall” mobile game called “Frontline” has already been cancelled. Getting its first new update this year, here is an update on the free “Live Fire” mode: