The True Meaning Of Consequence Players Experience In ‘Life Is Strange’

Dontnod Entertainment’s “Life Is Strange” game had a huge impact on players. The game talks about the life of Max Caulfield, where she took up photography class. It all begins with her dream on the lighthouse with a gigantic tornado about to hit Arcadia Bay. In addition, this game is an episodic adventure game, where players are given choices to choose from. Most of all, they also can rewind time in the game to avoid bad outcomes. Max Caulfield mysteriously discovered her powers to rewind time to avoid bad results or gain important information that can be used to defend and progress through the game.

The lesson of consequences and the butterfly effect

Life Is Strange” was originally released on January 15 last year and it accumulated positive reviews. Now, the game solely focuses on the choices of players and each choice will result in an unexpected outcome. That is the reason why they should think first and look around for things that will alter the result. Fortunately, there is a chance to redeem for mistakes by rewinding time.

Through the game, players deeply learn the true meaning of consequences of their actions. An example would be choosing between taking a picture of an incoming incident rather than stopping it from happening. The result would be a bad reputation or hatred towards the player. Otherwise, another flow of the story will commence that gives players the benefit instead of the bad ones.

Teaching values while being curious on how the story goes in the game

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The “Butterfly Effect” is the term used in the game. It happens after a player chooses a choice or action. In short, a consequence or after-effect will happen later or in the future. Moreover, just to be warned of a spoiler for those who haven’t played the game yet, the ending will be the most difficult choice ever. The choice between saving Chloe or saving Arcadia Bay. Most of the time, “Life Is Strange” is a huge lesson which many players will never forget including the heart-warming story. Values of friendship, love and all the good things are in this game, as reported by¬†PC Gamer.