Twitch tries to expand beyond gaming by introducing new communities directory

Twitch has just added a communities directory, so that live streamers have another way to co-ordinate streams and engage with fans. The communities directory is meant to make the non gaming streams easily discoverable on the popular live streaming platform primarily used by gamers. Anyone can create a community, if a topic of interest is not already listed. There are a lot of gaming streams on the communities directory, as is expected, but there are some fun communities as well.

Speedrunning is dedicated for finishing any game quickly. The streams are organised according to the individual titles in the Games directory. There are communities for relaxing streams, Pokemon, painting, depression, comedy and social drinking.

A streamer can be active in only one community at any given point of time. Communities can be created in non-English languages, but automatic translation is not available at this point of time. The communities directory is desktop only as of now, mobile support is expected to land soon.

Collecting relevant streams in a community solves an important problem of stream discovery. Users would discover streams through third party sites such as Steam forums, Reddit and Twitter. The communities feature allows viewers and streamers to link to the kind of content more relevant to them.

There are no changes to the existing directories, including Games and Creative. The Communities directory is in beta mode at this point of time, and Twitch has plans for updates and is seeking feedback from users.

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