UK’s armed forces settle on the iPhone 7 because they think it’s more secure than Android

Android vs iPhone debates rage the world over on issues ranging from value for money and customisability to flexibility and security. For the armed forces of the world, however, security is everything and so far, it looks like the iPhone is turning out to be the best choice.

Working with UK telecom provider BT, the armed forces tried to “harden” a Samsung Note 4, but then discovered that the security just wasn’t sufficient. More testing revealed that the iPhone could be made to meet the needs of the armed forces, reports TechRepublic.

Notably, there’s no mention of the military working with Apple on this front.

The hardened iPhone, an iPhone 7 in this case, will apparently work in a “dual-mode”. One mode will be for official purposes and another for “secret” work. This mode will only apply to voice calls, however.

The phones are also being equipped with secure storage containers that will be used to hold data securely. We can assume that these will be something like a TrueCrypt folder on your PC, an encrypted drive.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) did tell TechRepublic that part of the reason for picking the iPhone 7, other than the Note 4’s security issues, was that the MoD already had so many iPhones to begin with.

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