Xbox One Project Scorpio Update: ‘Crackdown’ With New Backwards Compatibility Games Equipped With Seven New Games

Microsoft claimed that the new Xbox One Scorpio is not like any other PC, it is built and designed for gaming consoles like the Xbox One franchise. ( Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Xbox )

The Xbox One Scorpio recently held their 2016 holiday release date last december, they revealed that the new console will only cost like any other Xbox One franchise price console. Microsoft claimed that the new Xbox One Scorpio is not like any other PC, as it is built and designed for gaming consoles, like all the others in the Xbox One franchise.

The cancellation of “ScaleBound” was a big shock for the avid gamers of Xbox One. One of the affected fanatics is the Industry Insider alias shinobi602. He evaluated the status of the “Crackdown 3,” also an exclusive Xbox One game, and said that the game was in shape and well planned. He also added that “Crackdown 3” is fine and its development is in good hands.

He added that the game will hit the stores in no time, but there are still more improvements to be done; reminding all Xbox one fans not to be afraid that the game will be cancelled like “Scalebound,” because “Crackdown 3” is coming along. Industry Insider shinobi602 has leaked plenty of game scoops over the years in terms of gaming consoles.

Phil Spencer, the business executive of Microsoft, was cheered on by some fans to keep the development of “ScaleBound,” saying that they must still look at the game’s benefit and effects on the company despite all the negativity that surrounds it. He responded saying that Microsoft will take all the risks and give time to re-evaluate “Scalebound.”

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Phil Spencer is a 28-year business executive at Microsoft. He is responsible for all the global creative and engineering teams that handle game development under Microsoft, such as the Xbox Live service, Xbox One console, game experience and content.

“Crackdown 3” is said to hit stores in 2017, but still the exact date has not been announced. In addition, there are seven new games to accompany the latest Xbox One Backward Compatability program. These are “Strania,” “The Splatters,” “Ghostbusters” and “Scrap Metal.” “Battlefield: Bad Company 2,” “Battlefield 3″ and Dragon Age Origins” are also on the list. This information was revealed by Larry Hryb, an Emmy award winning Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live.