Yahoo Messenger adds read receipts, typing indicator and new emojis in update

Yahoo on Wednesday rolled out “read receipts” and typing indicator features — similar to WhatsApp — on its Messenger to allow users to be sure when their friends are checking their messages.

With “read receipts”, a user can see if the message has been read or not and it will also show the similar results for group chats.

With typing indicator, users will be able to see when the person they are chatting with starts typing.

Yahoo has also added new emojis that will show up bigger on the chat window. “Now your hearts, champagne bottles, and clapping hands will show up bigger than ever in your chat window on mobile for that extra oomph,” says the release.

The new features are available on App Store and Google Play.

Recently Yahoo was in the news for a security breach which showed how hackers were using data for information warfare. The Yahoo hack did not collect credit card or Social Security numbers, according to the company, leading some analysts to speculate that the goals were not financial

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